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Juliana Kenny

Justine is one of the most capable and intelligent people I have ever been privileged to work with. Her skills in marketing span overall strategy, analytics, content planning, SEO, social media, website creation, and more. Rare is it to work with someone able and eager to develop skill after skill—and then to share her skills …

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Krystle Sangillo

Justine led by example, effectively executing the duties of her position while also supporting others in their roles and serving as a mentor. She had a positive impact on company culture, the morale of the staff, the quality of the work we produced, and the relationships with the agency’s clients. Justine is a natural leader …

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Sergeh Farhadnejad

Justine is an excellent strategist and project manager who takes the time to understand the scope of each project from both the client side as well as the development side (which is where my interactions take place with her). She asks the necessary questions in order to establish realistic timelines and potential blockers so that …

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Ani Avdalian

I have yet to meet someone as intelligent, hardworking, diligent, and compassionate as Justine. She’s highly effective in ANYTHING she does. Justine is a results-driven marketer who will go the extra mile to understand the client’s needs, create momentum and get things done. She is a fantastic collaborator and communicator with an inspiring drive to …

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Thomas Ladeau

Justine is an incredible coworker and teammate, and cares deeply about the work that she does. Together we worked on everything from social media campaigns to digital agency product development and much more. I also got to witness her excel and advance to several leadership roles, all of which she took to heart. She is …

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Bryan Ossa

I worked with Justine in a variety of capacities. During my tenure, I witnessed her ideation, execution, and optimization of a wide variety of business operations and client management process. Her attention to detail is unrivaled and she’s always keen to innovate on challenges, identifying creative and effective solutions. Additionally, she has a strong analytical …

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T. P.,

Justine actually knows HOW to teach, in such a way as to create lasting learning and give me the tools to learn more on my own… It makes so much more sense when you have a full picture of what’s going on. I even hear music differently now. Thanks Justine!


Justine is amazingly patient and great at breaking down the process for beginners. I like that she teaches using an app on her iPad – which I can use as a practice tool at home.


She is professional, patient and always on time. I was very hesitant about skype lessons but it has been great.

K. P.,

I was really hesitant at how lessons on Skype would go but they rock! I am able to see her show me things and able to hear her play her bass guitar. We are now sometimes even able to play duets together and I think that is a really neat experience.